It was a little preposterous, something we’ve never quite seen before – when the whole wide world turned itself on your cracked and dismantled axis
An imagination catching all kinds of crazed fire, denying the real you a chance to ever get to dance, blinded by an outright unkempt attitude – placing all of these things into ungodly overdrive
Dive right in, why don’t you just?
If you must set yourself up for a pitiful fall – the vultures are absolutely circling
So you do know they’ve all been watching, utterly unwilling to so much as catch you when you fall
From a false height altogether in the very first instance – homegrown and prone to honest-to-goodness bouts of negligence
This thirst is downright unnecessary, contrary to your own high-wired and rather pitifully instigated beliefs you steal no such show on out there
I’m afraid so say it really is a crying shame to have to bear it

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