So things have being going well
Meeting up with friends
The nights out
All things general really
But a part of me is still left wondering
If this is the right or the wrong way
For me to be
So used to fretting
Over the mundane things
Simple stuff
Yet anxiety it would always bring
Keep on keeping on
That’s what I need to tell myself
First thing in the morning
To think in a straight line
If I’m going to the shop for cigarettes
Then that’s all that I’m doing
Forget all about the fret
Leave it behind
‘Til I start to once and for all
Feel sublime
It’s never easy
But there are other people out there
With problems all of their own
They pass you by in their car
Yet it doesn’t show
Fighting the good fight
That’s what we’re doing
Looking to keep on the straight and narrow
Make sure everything turns out alright
Off to Clon with me tonight
Don’t want to let the team down
If needs be
I paint a smile on my face
Lose the frown
Too much thinking will kill you
Not entirely
But a large part
The most important part
The heart
I’ve said it before
And I’ll say it again
Keep on keeping on my friend
Because in the end
It’ll only ever be you looking back at yourself
In the bathroom mirror before you hit the hay
So be sure to make a real go of it
That’s what I say