Concentration, second only ever to a twisted, scatter-dashed and unspeakably furled brow – to bring it right back, to a point of utter infatuation
Nestled creatively amidst, these heavenly-creature words, of only ever treasurable ours

Indeed the pleasure has undeniably been all of His
Mark a vivacious onslaught of configuratively reconfigured syllables, and this righteous rhythm will unequivocally begin

To take unforgettably memorable hold, Say When, oh please soliloquy-driven, wanderlust Wordsworth who carries with him an insatiable thirst
Amidst this seriously quickened realisation – to fabricate an unpardonable creative reality, drippin’ in unfathomably suggestive degrees of natural-born, begotten fiction

The diction is simply impenetrable
Of only ever treasurable theirs – when the whole snide-eyed world suddenly gets to pause, for persuasively contemplative thought

We really ought to start to sumptuously pleasure our settled pedestrian selves, to the boisterous bones of our mammothly pressed, none too strenuously caressed… better beings

These white lies appear to be oh so very perfectly perched… ’til whistlin’ remarkably within, All Of twisted, scatter-dashed and unspeakably furled brow We

Reminiscing for your whole wide-eyed worth right about now, indeed

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