These people are crazy
Not good crazy, but neither are they bad crazy
Just… put plain and simply… CRAZY
Take to it however you might like ‘cos they sure as hell don’t care
For it seems their brains have already been snared
To a real point of no such return, perhaps
Then again, maybe as it truly does turn out we’re the daft ones
They see everything whilst we get to see absolutely nothing
Strutting their overactive imaginations to the point of very nearly breaking the border upon what’s entirely sensational
We simply too strung out to ever get to care
To so much as count
Snared by a different kind of doubt
Doubt that breathes disaster
They’re in the clouds, whilst we’ve somehow, anyhow, managed to leave ourselves unattended to in the absolute gutter of dreams
Seven iron bars steal it away
Looking on up at the stars about to part their particular creation – sedate it completely

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