Wanting too much, compared to too little

A prodigious genius masquerading as a stolen wannabe – sticking to all of the neurotic rules against her every utter will on hurting earth

Hurts either way forth forward intensified, seems she’s been attempting to make up the forbidden difference – to strike some kind of bargaining light against the screaming in-between

And a thunderstorm of perfectly enthused and juxtaposed ballet moves begins to take smouldering hold right where her unbroken toes used to beautifully belong to themselves – manicured to within an inch via an entirely separate kind of a vanity, only now they have been torn ten times asunder, up, up, over and under again

A knuckle-busting individual with all of the right ties, eagle-eyed and constantly aware of the way

One such lucratively insane way
The mind finds something whispering midst absolute nothingness, and, finally, she gets to give it her all of everything…

Seems she’s been waiting to impress only ever herself and by way of needlepoint persuasion
Her own dire company poses both an exterior physical threat as well as inner-ward maniacal kind of an adultery – she’s been cheating with the breakings of her brain to get better

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