It’s not that hard to understand it, I guess. You wanna write down all the stuff you feel. You have added a rhythm which works for you, and does appear to work for readers of literature, but also readers who want some lyrical input, too. You’ve put yourself in a very… precarious position with the scribbles where… the people who take the time to hear you read it seem truly blown-away, whereas, for the most part, people are definitely thinking: “What is he doing?!” Then it’s just in you, with you, like a strange and silly little ‘gift’ in so far as… you dunno why you do it or even where it comes from. It’s a huge part of you, of course it is. However, you do wonder the odd time.. “what.. howww… WHAT?!” Of course that level of analysis of words and people and… most things, really, puts you in an odd state of mind. A good one. Odd is fine, I just dunno why the oddness veered toward writing in the first place 😂

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