You are my seemingly bi-polar empire, disguised by all of these smiles, relaxing and chillaxing – only ever running a mile up inside of your wanderlust mind, frazzled to an undeniable point
I have to anoint you the most meticulous girl in the whole wide world
Absurd shudders in the ungodly a.m., entirely dependent upon that big thick yellow tablet to soak it all up
Interrupt you and the fictitious slew catches crazy fire, you’re a confused and altogether ambidextrous liar, prying into everybody’s everything, concentrating on absolutely nothing
You will strut your manicured stuff all the way over ’til red in the pretty albeit more oft than not dishevelled face, before making a deal with the devil – a monster which never gets to up-sticks
Coursing right on through from the core of your kaleidoscope being
He’s seen it all and longs to go again

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