“Why did you do it?!”
“Because I wanted to… NEEDED TO!”
“But it’s monstrous, what you did”
“To you, maybe, but not for me”
“How does it appear for you, then?”
“Monstrously impressive”
“Impressive, what’s impressive about it?!”
“Nothing, really. Well, not for you, anyway”
“But what you did is so wrong it’s UNBELIEVABLE!”
“UNBELIEVABLY impressive!”
Unbelievably UNIMPRESSIVE… unbelievably unjust, un… EVERYTHING, really!”
“Not so much, no. Not at all, in fact”
“That;s a fact, in your eyes, anyhow”
“Anyhow… do you think you are ever going to tell anyone?”
“No-one matters”
“Everyone and everything matters!”
“Everyone and everything doesn’t matter”
“Matter of fact, it does!”
“Really, does it?”
“Yes, of course it does! Surely.”
“Surely not, we’re all only ever learning here”
“Learning to live?”
“So, we agree on something then?”
“Yes, but somehow I don’t think you will ever agree with what I did”
“No, I won’t. Of course I won’t! Never, ever!”