Brought wrought-iron back to the tremendously inexpressive pursuit of casual reality – encouraged to be: otherworldly pronounced
She underscored the rhythm, understood the types of jovial jokes uttermost acceptable, yet, still, she felt like a plagiarised zombie merely all of the time
Her barb-wired brain is wholeheartedly being rewired to realise …
Her simple necessity of sitting pretty here with her own blue-collared bones and it simply feels feminine aspect r-e-a-l at being undeniably extra-spectacularly at-large
Are we really seriously excited to burn our brazen-ended bridges all over again while we reach incoherently for the other side!?! – conquered, contoured, right by: the undivided attention/divide us, pl-ease
Ease it on in ’til it begins at comfortably shaking the cores of our affable restoration
A meandering river holds no real prisoners but for utter upside-wound-right-down precision
Parasympathetic nature, no such oblong stretch of an obnoxious stranger’s maniacal arm anymore
Which does tend disdainfully toward metaphorically strangle-holding our better selves whilst pressed gently against the lethargic light of the fickle-some grain – stressed at half-blast
All rocks and every single next hard-pocketed place coaxes itself to invitingly speak inundatedly
… these plain mundane beautiful things which will, will, will indeed inevitably, fair magically sparkle ’til bent inescapably toward the case-in-point of kaleidoscopically insane
In-sane, maybe … she wouldn’t have it any other way from here on in officially f-r-e-e
Are we really well and truly sharing the very same bare-naked spark back to basic mentioning’s again!?! The slight of hand which bandages itself back to l-i-f-e ’til left insurmountably articulate
No gaining whatsoever any longer necessary.
Just this wonderful reign over our once upon a lost existence souls
Reese-tored/And the thickening juices of her adulthood blood suddenly, soothing, starts at endlessly pouring again.
And this appears to be, the case-in-point of her self-anointed auto-hypnosis … and this clearly appears to be, her Columbia River white-wash rafting episodic behaviour
If she will touch the taste and creatively let it be … so very fucking outrageously expressive again