A good question and I’m not too sure, I mean I know that poetry is a means to an end when it comes to getting away from this unquenchable need to become a published author, an author with a real name, a name that gives people a fright when they can’t but admit “my God, he really can write!”
Perhaps I decided instead to spend my nights writing poetry, I really don’t know, I guess only time will tell whether or not this is what I am supposed to do, or will I never quell my need to make it over that finish line before my time has come
I mean many of my poems, many of my lines do come out in a relative slew, hard to know if that’s good or bad ‘cos they get lost inside a website, slip-slide, never to be seen again, that’s me needing to make a book deal, steal some publishers attention, while also helping add a little or a lot of money to their cause before the begin to draw their pension
A certain amount of tension for sure, but maybe that’s normal, a pure way to be
Let me see… Salmon Poetry said that they liked my stuff, a real publication with acres of gusto, and from the books I’ve seen so far they do seem to run a rather tight ship, well-equipped when it comes to knowing what works, what might not
So here I sit, fastened to this spot, wondering if my words will stand the test of time or, like many others out there, simply rot
Do I deserve a book deal, be it a fictional story or poems about this and that, my talented graphic designer brother Shane, his mate BANTAM aka Ruairi who lives with him and his girlfriend Ann-Marie in their party-hard flat
Who knows, only time will tell, but right this minute I need to keep writing, for sure quell that that need