Kurt Geiger by way of London’s finest creative design – designated to fixate and it is beginning to feel – exceptionally real.
Recklessly misbehaving and all of it placed desirably amidst this undeniable action-packed foresight for gartered attention – perpetrated heavily, heavenly, toward intricately played-out detail
Fashion-forward in one such hopscotched, sought-out, wound-up, roundabout word if you might like it to be
The Louboutin walk-way of shame of the whole wide world’s most utterly desired demise midst these inexplicably explosive, colour-coordinated side-streets
Is this really their living, breathing, all-feeling denizen of delightfully constructed destruction – that tuck-the-fuck-on-in, if we will let it be so very motherfucking salaciously expressive?
Of both hers aside handsome he, to steal and feel the sexual appeal again.
Oh please, paint that insinuatingly suggestive picture … tease, tease… ease it on into Us via this New Year’s Eve pair of New York City’s finest screaming, scramming, damn motherfucking lion-hearted living, seething, reeling, forbidden creatures of the nocturnal nighttime.
Refined all over again by way of the early-morning, comfortably perched am.
Boss Green label sweatpants and he appears to be getting sweetly treated to an exceptionally eager eye-soar
Remote-control conceived til beautifully, duti-fully re-lived – relieved even – by way of perfectly promiscuous She …
Pays slender, tongue-tied dividends by horizontal way of the nakedly abrupt and supremely sanctioned ending.
Mission pending, sexual tension withstanding.
She is about to give it all away til placed detrimentally upon one such wild-worn whisper which floats high on o’er vales ‘n’ hills amidst this steadfast shrieking from inner between the concrete-heart of her posthumous grave
Thump, thump … the braver the better. Motherfucking deadlock cutthroat daffodils near the whistling breeze.
He’d be fucking lucky to have her.
Words-worth a million of these freeze-frame moments.
Wherever she goes he follows … steadfast pen, yet the penetration is real. As far-fetched, -stretched as the mind can let itself see …
And, Filtering Forbidden, It Can Surely See Every Thing.

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