They made the fantastic mistake of informing me I was the greatest known poet, that the remainder could go and whistle
And for it alone I took a load of loads off, softened my palate
Smiled via my yellowing teeth with food in between and expected the women to come
They didn’t come of course
Didn’t come and certainly didn’t CUM
Well, one did, a beast of a kind – smart as a tack and wearing these god awful things that hookers do the same on street corners
I don’t blame her, she’s my equal
And we drank and wrestled ourselves into her unmade bed
I touched her throat and she very nearly exploded – that’ll be the dominatrix in her
Her shoes were shit, real cellotape jobs and they creaked whenever I grabbed them
We swear and cuss and talk about nothing as such, all along my tired eyes roaming her neat enough body
It’s fine, no Marilyn Monroe unless of course I squint my eyes hard – oft than not the drink tends to that for me
It’s one of many pluses
She asks me for a little money to buy cigarettes so I bring her and buy them and we chain for what feels an eternity
With Mimosa in tow, MIMOSA!!
I make sure to send the shop keeper a wink his way – he’s fifteen and boys like him need these things, to remember where not to turn out in later life I suppose
Winter can be fantastic in Louiseville you know
She told me I was what she needed right then, to remind herself where not to turn I suppose