You will need to do this, I realise I drew first blood
Yet now you must tempt yourself back into altogether recognition – the ammunition is undoubtedly there
Prepare yourself to delve like never before, it’s all been beautifully stored some place or another
So you know your mother is watching, trembling in these fickle wings, waiting for her miracle-child to course a milder manner from himself
When you and I stepped on up, interrupted the whole damn thing oh so sumptuously
Pumped these rather negligent people full of our rip-roaring, all too recognisable abilities – you just cannot ignore the perfect story
A soliloquy nature which will own every other night known to both man and woman
Please do me a favour and summon them in – for seems they’ve been waiting against their utter will, carefully choked and entirely thrilled into living again
‘Til we absolutely caressed this thing we call life albeit on a knife-edge, take my hand and step away from the bespoke ledge – precarious will do just fine

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