10Locally he’s been naturally both oldschool-misrepresented by all of these Chinese white-lies
Soon as slick -n solitary whispers give up the fight – whimpers rather – and enthusiastically add up to a dime-a-dirty-dozen / flickers itself in their dilapidated direction
9Avec transcontinental discretion, pl=ease. .. …
8Blessed is she who walks both wails in the name of his deplorable gain – when someday so soon as when Sunrise arrives that they shall mercifully/-lessly amount to
7All. Out Clout. Coinfaced and real
With a fist of Neanderthal whisky singing beneath his gnarled fingertips, the cigarette-tainted bit shifts nervously between his clattercrashing teeth – We are shark-eyed and about to silently both violently reprioritise
minds “wheres!?” both “whys!!?”
6. .. … …. Them-there daft delinquents aside overwhelmed juggernauts One top no other
And miraculously amounting to extraordinarily nought but for A relatively rhapsodic story slips itself neatly inside of
5One such over-penetrating, cast-iron Poem Peacefully Penetrates. .. … Both of these people equally Inequality
4And thinking outside the box about all of the times What he would have wanted
What She might have liked…
3Once-upon-a-time In Nervousland only minus all of that truculent misbehaviour again – water-to – minds-on-fire
2Pen. .. …unfiltered and ready To twist and leak and bodaciously break the deafening/deadening diffidence
1Downrightdamndastardly difference Between
Reality and rhapsodic awareness <<<again>>> Backwards as ever For.ever
Soon as the title takes his name and Makes it its own living Breathing gain
Game. Over Pl=ease People Sleep

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