Sitting, watching, witnessing wistfully
My youngest son, my grandchild, play football in the yard
Mild boys, on an even milder day
No soft underbelly here
As soon as the rather jovial one steers himself clear and scores a piercing goal, it hits the net and he punches the air
Screams ‘Hip-hip hooray!!”
Fleeting memories indeed
I do recall my own almost halcyon day
Ball in hand, thinking, truly believing all about the place to be absolutely grand
Scoring a rapturous goal, mommy oh so eagerly clapping along
Strong sentiments, how it was meant to be
Before God, or the devil perhaps, played an all too cruel hand
A car crash just beyond our bush, then SMASH… then GRAB!!!
Taking it all away
I never get to see my father again ’til my next real halcyon day
Heaven-sent to the truest extent