Will the tattoo-emblazoned person sitting with the monstrous glare
stitched right by their frosted face
Who appears to be dabbling their twisted and Conversed feet near the front-row improper

Please permit themselves to be heavily placated with this tasteful lust for a life less ordinary, far more than extraordinary and thanks so very much and for being so very kindly to apprehend the utter imitation game

No limitations, p-l-e-a-s-e – and for it to make heavenly kinds of majestic, beer-swilling sense again

They say that you are so very good at being invisible when needs be the only thing going
So very laborious til incredibly aware and carries with her an inane and brazen ability to breathe and figuratively release, these locked horn demons who shall no less press themselves ethereal against, while making no such strenuous sense of themselves whatsoever at all

By the sentimental ending and awaiting the seriously stimulated fall for a most tasteless grace

A tremendous and treasured Lisbon City environ, picket-entrenched lifestyle, whereby we all of us realise that it is undeniably interchangeable – unravels to remind and deceptively rewind, whereby manically permitted upheaval midst eagle-eyed industry feeds like proposed wildfire gathered by a gainful gaining in steadied interest which will so suddenly soon get to constantly entrusting itself

As it attempts to rapturously reinvest their foreign-isle, humour-filled, deliriously-meant attention to intricate detail upon the rest of us paramilitary people… directed only ever upon all of every other next one of these perfectly perched someone’s

Peripheral people’s wearing white-lie-encrusted pearl-diamante earrings indeed, dripping to feel it and with happiness uncomfortably, uncontrollably swagger-dagger-ed and tantalised dangerously near their reconfigured ears and delicately, devotedly and deliciously bleeding right by the monstrous bleed of their thrill-ified minds

And what we seem to have right here – stitched borrowed yet undeniably interested in, and of, belonging mysteriously beneath the inner within – appears to be these contagiously correctified Joker-smiles, which have been reminding themselves to remain multi-colour-infused and remarkably resolute and ready to resolve to solve and to dissolve all of their worst-kept secrets with blinded time

Soon as she bleaches each and every other one of her hidden eyebrows, proceeds with stately and startling effect to starting all over again

Pen, paper – when fiction breathes factualistic contagion and someone somehow manages to mesmerise and to blur all of the lines so soon set to become dastard and bounce-about avoidable

She toys with extradited fire, when her bridged eyes realign
Right by the smashed bottle of Pablo-Picante red&white intermingled wine – we are all of us drunken liars, one of a kindly kind and deceptive as hell on hot-wheels