It isn’t that they didn’t appear to want to seem to SEEK TO WISH

To achieve this enviable AIM OF BECOMING, above ALL else: these artistic AnOmAlIEs who just WILL-NOT duel until the death —

When a Star-Was-Born from shackle and sawn-off bOnE, bodacious AND b-r-o-k-e-n.. …

They’ve EVEN been touching the TuRn oF tHe m-e-r-e-EAGER SUN’S surefire surFACE UP.. “someWHERE, though(?)”

But for: that transient AND TRANSITIONAL THING, in=DEED, and with wraparound weapons AND wings stitched demonstratively back UPon, this IS the thing, purely derivative people –

It’s ALL OF IT been c-o-m-i-n-g, colloquially AND at unputdownABLE pACE, actually(!)

UP their sleeves(suggestive as it ALL MAY WELL HAVE SUPPOSED ITSELF TO HAVE SEEMED), we CANnot but- divulge DUTIFULLY: Both our most important AND mEaNDeRinG-Of-AmAzInG-SeNsE$ aGAIN… …

They NEED TO LET THEMSELVES SEE IT, though: that they’ve been b-l-e-e-d-i-n-g themselves D-R-Y at the seams
AND at the PUREly prioritised pace of unpronounceable hostility, and it DOES seem to feel(to HAVE felt, inFACT!!!!)

Ear-ACHINGLY real. “As they steal our (EACH AND EVERY) thought away they REALLY all ought-to-stART ACTING — artistically outrageous this particular morningTime—

Have to ask, though. But IS there stILL (a sniff of UN-identifiable) WINE (swimming) WITHIN THEIR VEINS(?!)