With filtered red ribbons midst this twisted, decidedly dishevelled rediscovering
Script aside tended apostrophe – he holds her favoured trophy
Girlfriend/boyfriend/sets the tremendously up-sprightly trend of a lifetime unwinding at feathersome will … they, won’t they, though?
Occur amidst these dandelion-ed days of creative foresight and improbable inseparability – let us see if this will break the borderline whilst all along pondering something sizeably insane at being delightfully significant and real
This red ribboned, typewritten marriage wherein these people take it to the half-way point meeting way
Amounted and anointed by artificially superficial supercalafragilistic lovers at the yawn of dog-eared dawn  – all of it placed upon up on
A thirst-arisen parchment paper which speaks to shriek for its tethered self … 
And the left hand that holds a stemmed scream-of-conscience story all on its own spell-cast shadow narrows the truth – edits the route/ back to belonging again.
This unshakeable reality feeds by the eye of the artist’s warmest knowing storm.