Enough coke to cap the goddamn Pyrenees ten times over
Right there – mid-table – summoning him on in
A shuddering cold-for-all-of-the-wrong-reasons nine-to-five shoulder, for he was about to begin
Spread these legs my lady-friend’ and be oh so prepared to let me sniff each ‘n’ ever last goddamn dreg right from your gaping pinky-hole
Toe-to-toe, heck, nose-to-seriously sniffling nose more so
‘TIl but a morsel left
Bald from the eyebrows on down
They will call me inept, but does this seem in any way inept to you!?
I left my wife at home all by her lonesome own
Here’s hoping she won’t take it upon herself to do any such delving
I’m like a Stratton Oakmont, Inc. wolf atop a most flavoursome bone
Trust me, there ain’t no place like home – namely here, there and everywhere!
Enough money to turn the whole of concrete-driven Manhattan on its godforsaken ass, blasted downright professional negligence on mine and my degenerate minions’ part
Sure the F.B.I. get the last laugh, but the bit in between… we’re talkin’ pure drugs and hookers insane here
Donnie was nuts
Nothin’ but pristine, a midget sent centre-target
Pardon my single need to sow a million-and-one seeds, breathe it in and blow it out – my mid-twenties snout never, ever so very powdered in all of my youngblood life
It ain’t about any of that old-cap strife crap
As McConaughey says, “Mmmm… mmmmmmm… mmm!” whilst beating his slender chest
Shi-i-i-it here comes the wife!!

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