Somebody showed me the sight of the darkening moonlight, they walked right by the considerable etchings of the inner-workings of my borrowed mind

And the time that they did take will unmistakably come to freeze these penetrating eccentricities of ours

I have gathered to gain, taken myself inordinately away from it, all of this deafening diffidence, to make heaped sense yet again of the utterly irreparable damage done

Proceeding with and downright jovially because… to be brazenly open-ended is to have been a complete and subservient person

By the guised lie of the tick-tocking mind-piece, which still persists at continuing to guide my holocaust eye-line, and the wraparound, thundering territory of immaculate misconception, blessed till pressed gainfully against the inexorably enlarged pulsation of the thickening underground, which rebounds right by the aforementioned tick-tocking brain-piece, shall simply amplify itself like unfathomable magic till it feels as though the whole of the thirst-arisen world were suddenly attempting for itself

To catch and fetch a crazed kind of churning fire inside… . To match my vilified mind, perhaps!?

All manicured, manly-made hands placed back down upon, right-the-way-round-bout doused deck again, seemingly something for everyone, suddenly so very soon as when everybody else seemed to have held their self-possessed breathes for hostile hostage

While they get themselves to irreconcilably considering the deafening difference and posthumously threatening the cursedly overexposed other person, who still breathes beneath the breaking;s of the unforgiving underground

By the behemoth bend of their unspeakably unbreakable will

It is ‘Swansong-She’ who sits right by, while managing to chase misshapen rainbows and to both take and make too much time for herself altogether

It is, all of it, beginning to eerily feel as though the whole of the rip-torn world were artificially acquired right by the slithering makings of these upside-down, breathlessly ill-prepared people who carry misled masterpieces miserly within

Wondering does anybody really love them anymore

When really it isn’t anything like this- not one mother-f***ing unabashed bit, poised to split their inanimate personalities in triangular three and by the gaining of the lopsided grain

Don’t you dare ever even consider at persisting, at forcibly fathoming to intricately imagining for yourselves, dearest dutiful people of livid mine, a thing of ten-thousand knee-deep kisses stressed uncontrollably amidst them-there decidedly unaffected bouts of blue-bottled behaviour!

Misguided if you will let it thrill the core of your explosively restorative soul…

Because I did, and always will, and my shattered yet forever masterful knees begin to bleed oh so motherf***ing bountifully

For my sentimentally estranged eyes have been mindlessly realigned, finally, purposefully overindulgent of the other cursed person’s wonderfully plagiarised ineptitude…

Be oh so rude not to problematically pierce the lesser known pieces of their reimbursed souls, don’t you think it, too?

Neither way it flows, we do live in a beautifully distanced world of ours