I think to eventually or, even, right now, get to work with certain artists and not necessarily on a collaboration basis might be nice. Inspiring and all kinds of… trippy for me, is how it would probably turn out to be, anyhow. I’m building a brand new style together again and that will need a kind of… looser focus this particular time, if that even makes sense. What I mean is that the last style and story of scribbles which came about was down to a… certain… creatively intelligible and fast-paced stream-of-conscience. In that, it definitely worked by spring-boarding my ‘structure’ of style from one such word to another and, of course, adding my own sense of high-falutin rhythm and rhyming scheme. And to dutifully try and NOT to follow the old and worn and habitually engrained path of sentence structure which most, if not maybe even all, writers appear to strictly structure their writing around. I don’t know quite how I am going to achieve that right this minute but, for sure, I am definitely rather excited. I have a poem piece I am adamant on creating, about a boxer, nothing new there, except that it brings in a narrative on the part of his wife who has to deal with all of the blows in his professional life and otherwise. Quite literally in this particular instance. How he prepares himself, his mind, his body, his gloves, etc. And then how he tries to draw a breath and might dress outside of the ring. The ins-and-outs(of the ring), quite literally.

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