“Do we need to do this RIGHT now?
I mean, aren’t there far better things for you to be doing with your time!?”
Somehow, any how, I really don’t think so
This is most probably it for me, my moment in the light
An opportunity to reign supreme, if even for a little while
“So you will come onstage, say hello, and pick up one of these microphones. How does that sound?”
Sounds absolutely frickin’ fine to me, how can she not realise such a thing!?
I want this to happen, and if not tonight then maybe never again
Yes, she is busy… she being the main attraction and all, so I certainly don’t want to distract her
Although all the more prepared I am to knock her right off balance
She may sing, she may well dance, but I am the one who can truly talk
Walked here, didn’t I
‘Til the cows come home to roost
Doesn’t make sense to you? Well it may well with time
Because my every line will somehow make it in the very end
dependent upon you
Breaking an altogether eerie kind of silence
Or turn your sombre minds to imaginations placated by violence
Don’t fret, that just one such rhyme of mine sent from above, lift your head and look right back up
Optimistic ones too, ones about this about that
But mainly this one poem all about my inane ability to visit this theatre in question and usurp one of our country’s most beloved poets
Sure didn’t I just create the poem right there, in your honour
The Everyman