To create
A matter-of-fact manner of speaking – a singularly specific manner wherein
To read is to be completely taken away both from and by it all
Rhythm and rhyme only holds half the line together again, while the rest relies wholeheartedly upon adequately misplaced diction
These brand new reintroduced people will concentrate to the anointed point
Of plagiarised behaviour
Only they will not see it but rather feel it for the very first over-analysed time  – you write with your eyes and never your mind / the over-exhausted compartmentalise 
And the marvelling imagination meets necessary instigation right at the meandering middle and it shall make some kind of descriptive sense again – wherein the break of the line need not bargain anymore but rather bring this whole thing to a brand spanking new level of preordained and organised wisdom
They do say that the real genius lies resolutely within the purposefully imposed entrapment process to the top rather than these ego-arisen, -driven inadequacies which tend to turning themselves wastefully toward the paralysing in-between
Too much guff and never enough gusto anymore …
Seems he’s been waiting for Hitler to hold his hand
And then, and only then, will his pen get to truly prey-pretend

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