She played it most beautifully, as though there really was nothing else
To both hear aside see in this whole wide-armed world
Right this moment for sure
As pure as the best band on out there
Subtly albeit flagrantly prepared – a Prada pair, red in colour, to set her devotion to this fine art apart
Entire flames of fire catching her washboard belly, a Susan Boyle voice only minus fair abuse
Every single line bringing those lost-boys right to the pit of her being
See, Christine here only ever went so far as to sell her musical soul to the devil – namely one Simon Cowell in this particularly jaded instance
But she immediately took her chance – wide-eyed – to drive herself on out of his money-grabbing life
Cut these chords and watch this masterpiece soar to glory
When hope choked the whole damn commercial side of things – bring it!

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