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the publisher will do the rest, of course the fucking writer hates it all! spills his guts like a crazed idiot only for it to go absolutely nowhere, and…

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‘Turning Curve’

Write for and with the masses in mind, she said. To write, also, as though no-one or anyone were watching you do it. Do it for yourself, for your…

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Confidence reminder

It’s needs to happen. I don’t know how yet but, above anything else, I reckon the foundation is set well enough by now. It’s a hard call, a hard…

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‘The Disposable Quotes’

‘he didn’t do anything but for drinking dry-high gin atop concocting his very own juvenile plans… the anxious hand, albeit never ever misleading / crushed succinctly beneath…

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Yes, there is perhaps a way of creating a style of writing that will undeniably work across the board when it comes to people and their getting to let…

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To write properly is to write with no ulterior motives, no nothing but for complete joy. To forget about the utter and absolute need to create a…

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‘Three of Swords’

Turn over a tremendous new leaf, please
All of this appears to be contrary to popular belief

And we’ve got a shrinking, sinking feeling …


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To call yourself any kind of a poet carries with it a knife-edged perspective on other people’s parts – of course it does, poetry is expected to…

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Today I went to the city to meet a doctor about my OCD. Thankfully she has helped an indescribable amount in the short space of time since I last…

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