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To write properly is to write with no ulterior motives, no nothing but for complete joy. To forget about the utter and absolute need to create a…

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‘Three of Swords’

Turn over a tremendous new leaf, please
All of this appears to be contrary to popular belief

And we’ve got a shrinking, sinking feeling …


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To call yourself any kind of a poet carries with it a knife-edged perspective on other people’s parts – of course it does, poetry is expected to…

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Today I went to the city to meet a doctor about my OCD. Thankfully she has helped an indescribable amount in the short space of time since I last…

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“What do I actually like!?”

It’s funny, but I actually don’t think I have a fucking clue what it is that I like. What I simply mean by this is with regards… hmm, things…

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“If someone simply said to me that I could not write another word anymore I’d… Die… Quite rightly up inside of me. I’d wipe those tears yet fall crying-shamed…

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imageTo be perfectly honest there can be no set style for my writing to fall under, it’s words no more…

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‘Bonafide Motherfucker’

This is, the Bonafide motherfucker – the insatiable handsomely pressed one who they’ve all been waiting with eyes wide open for

Bottom drawer bottom dollar enunciation,…

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Poems -how!??

When you have banked around about 3’000 poems in the space of let’s say 4 years, you kinda stop and have to think… Okay, this is a…

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