1Wrought/Iron resilience please – Simians and extraterrestrial somebodies

2These persnickety and uttermost crying shamed ambivalently supreme individuals, who shall start to stare to care too much altogether … Neanderthals and too goddamn much of nothing really metaphysical occurring all of that magical anymore … …

3Albeit … although – taken themselves far too far outta plain sight of tryhard touch ‘til terrifically left themselves torn/n/tethered and blasphemously-both/bodaciously gathering them single sellout selves …

4Aside some body else and getting themselves back together again and for one last poised/plain/simply and poison-faced yet seriously pen-arisen meandering. This particular painstaking time —-

5These TRYHARD and daftly docile things – Yes, oh YES!! Did we ever forget to mention those loudmouthed human beings – will NEED TO, need to, NEED TO BEGIN TO MEAN SOMETHING exceptionally brilliant

6Sucking at cans of layabout lager whilst their parents strive (RIDE THE SYSTEM) to survive

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