A girl with a penchant for dressing up in all of the right attire
A need to be adored from an extremely young age, truly adored from the brunette avant-garde fringe cut that emblazons her forehead all of the pretty and particularly astute way down so far as her high-heeled everything
Cross-bowed in red right back on up again – to these piercingly pointed ankles which remain hopelessly devoted to wedding cake white skin
No such time for bed-head whatsoever, at one with every other seemingly ungodly a.m.
Outside looking in, at least
Mother Nature and her at absolute one with the other
Smiling nonetheless – in and around these seriously instigated, professionally plumped bee-stung lips
Adamant and oh so very yearningly eager to leave some kind of a surefire impression
Soon as she hits that narrowed-out catwalk just everything starts to make a whole lot more sense – typically drenched by these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it severely problematic camera shot angles time and again
When pressure manages to wrap her in a most beautiful and discerning bow known to any man

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