There is something, any which way nurturing itself to selflessly re-occur
She takes his feeble hand and leans to shrink and whisper a hidden whimper, all about his grandiose days

The black castle near the upside-down hill – silhouetted with sadistic shadows of sarcastic white people screaming stoically within – has been stealing all of their favourite dreams

Plagiarised to rambunctiously realise, irreversible and lingering right by every single cursed thirst put forth by impenetrable they – cast endless realms of contagious creativity and they cannot help it happening

When ever will it all make majestic kinds of sense again?
And when can it manoeuvre itself in such a matter of fact magnificent manner that everything is problematically solvable again?

Seems he has been breathing oh so very inextricably hard for the lacklustre pair of them, all pens put into reverse angle procedure and unable to witness and see – this agonised feeling careen and begging itself to inevitably belong again

They’ve been crying harder than any one person could ever quite possibly push themselves to imagine and these bleeding rivers of rapid deceit have been filling, thrilling themselves

To spill right by the panic-stricken scream of the twisted brim

They don’t speak to the other person’s soul anymore
And it feels, perhaps, a little something like this … we can only ever push ourselves to inescapably re-imagine

The re-arrival of The Starboy, seems he’s been managing to turn the world on its toe and all before unfathomable glory

Nobody created quite like he, super-human meandered toward soliloquy
He’s in-love with the shape of you / push ‘n’ pull like a magnet too

Dark necessities are part of my design / been crying to make up the deafening difference inside

Been bleeding intricately beneath the inner within and his image appears to be setting itself up to slip inside the dictionary of dreams – take a look it’s on display for you

Thickening by the minute and sitting on its lonesome own right by the bridge of the break set to endlessly quake

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