There they all are – each aside every each one of you/ standing in courageous place, to play it all in at welter-weight pace

‘Til the going goes tough and you bring yourselves right upon the heavenly table, about to implode to explode all over say when
Aforementioned heavenly atop a whole lot more of the very same extracurricular, spectacular thing, wherein it all means to mean to mean to make imperfectly perfect sense

Again, again … a goddamn ‘gain, please … lean on in and whisper near our honeysuckle ears and tease this life right through us … at heavyweight pace

Soon as the going goes tougher than tough and you rough the other person up to a point of no knowing return – my fuck, how you earned it though

These peripheral people are beginning to bleed themselves dry within these cutthroat wings of ours … and I do like the feeling in my eyes

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