I never, ever heard of a girl with a dimple but, my oh my, how this particular dimple just seems to work
Wonders for my appetite every single time – heavily intent on analysing its oh so relative degree of masculinity
Every. Last. Bit.
Never enough to send any such man in any way wide whatsoever
So very beautiful, really, t’was like nothing we’d ever seen before
Now, shut these doors and go right ahead, pour yourself on over me, let me get to see a far more pristine time when absolutely everything can, in fact, mean everything
Heaven atop an age-old earth
Sing when you’re winning!? Heck, I’m prepared to go the whole hog and orchestrate it all in your heady honour
If you will, of course, so very much as offer me this one last chance…
To dance toe-to-all too reassuring toe with every single angel on out there, or so it does indeed seem
Honest to goodness, you somehow, anyhow managed to snare me entirely
Adding a carefree touch of much needed fire to an otherwise seriously floundering belly
When, oh when is it again that you say we will we be getting married?

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