Do we watch you fall or forgive you all of these each and every pitiful sins
When one young family is downright unexpectedly and against their utter will forced to step upon that unaccustomed stage
Wage an incredibly painful inner war with words – these pushed upon us swords of knowingly relative deceit far too hot to handle altogether
Either way you may well remain forever insane, harassed and suitably chained to these bars of much deserved pain, yet we do indeed need to make up our flailing minds one way or another
Find some kind of time to ourselves – you can only ever hope that we manage to somehow, anyhow shelf the blame to an absolutely mind-boggling and strangely carefree extent
What are we if not a family!!?
Wasn’t meant to be this way
Ultimately, your thirst-ridden necessity to slay all of these innocent beings your complete downfall courtesy of your own fledgling inability to account for anything
You amount to nothing right about now, and there are a million-and-one people, unlike your very own of course, who will happily watch you nailed to your particular cross

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