Softly, subtly, fair tastefully so
When you and I got to silently, oh so wondrously winking at one another from either side of the room
And, soon as that happened, we just knew
That everything was going to turn out quite otherworldly
Energetically, rather instrumentally set up – quick-fire adoration splayed evenly throughout
Perhaps a near perfect whim like none other, strung along all too precariously via the simple albeit nonetheless masterful flutter of your beautifully trimmed Revlon eyelashes
I have been waiting for fate to play its cards for a very long time
Seems when you know, you truly do know – the flow that sophomore night all-consuming, downright amazing
Something I do feel it would be a downright regretful shame to ever let ourselves forget
By God, you surely had me trembling by my very concerned albeit equally charming entrance

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