You did, didn’t you?
Saw it all coming
I was running on absolute empty
Dredged too far to see for myself
Forgotten and offloaded upon that proverbial shelf, where nobody ever wants to go
Ill-equipped, sparring it out with my boisterous wits
Split entirely in two
Seems I do need you to fill the other void
Destroyed all over again
‘Til you decided to step on up to my particular plate
Grapple my every fate
Did you really wait for all of an eternity!?
Supposedly so
A crazed ability to stand here and turn a cold shoulder to any such sign of impatience
A virtue perhaps, certainly in this instance
I wish we could build a backstory all of our own
One to implode the rather harsh stories I hold of old
Gone now and utterly forgotten
You can be my brand new apple, so far from rotten it’s hilarious
Gloriously hot sun beating down