You stood your ground!
And I do applaud you wholeheartedly for that
Truly, I do
Knew what needed doing and all courtesy of your own mesmerisingly typical accord
A most precious weapon of sorts
Soon as you opened wide that bottom drawer there they just lay
Seems you were totally prepared to take her down – in a written manner of speaking, at least
A feast for the eyes? No, not so much
Many a letter sent to you over the travailed years via an oh so distant, utterly disheveled mother
So extremely out of touch and for far too long a time altogether
Wholeheartedly adamant on getting the opportunity to press rewind
You were thirty-five when this occurred all over again
Still beautiful, still oh so equally adamant on setting fire to your very own bewildered heart
A ferociously inept back-story
But what do you do? Give her the entirety of your cold shoulder, or so much as contemplate a so sudden quickfire reply
Getting to quench your very own insatiable thirst – painfully juvenile
Lost and left behind for now
In fairness, she did find a way… finally… and, maybe, it is high time for you to take it upon yourself to do the very same
Let all of that stifling blame go!

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