She sits and waits for her particular wicker-work fate to come into play – they have a serious feeling that it’s going to be rather terrific, must indeed
She teed it on up, interrupting what’s entirely unnecessary, coaxing from it all a most sumptuous underbelly – fashioned to outright perfection, no such blasphemous interjection ever allowed
The hot-wired princess with wheels on
About an utterly insatiable ability to play it out as she absolutely sees fit, these Roman warrior-esque wits are quite pretty in their meticulous and altogether precious and lavish appearance
Shall we dance oh so dangerously…
Resolutely driven to precise precision, immaculate strewn decisions made on a sudden twist of aforementioned said fate – she will need to sizeably amount to what’s ferociously otherworldly
I can remember it oh so very well now, when we first started to quench these boisterously set flames – downright fearsome aside quite alarming in their notoriously tempestuous nature
Adamant on dancing ’til getting to set the night alight in a most unsettling manner, something fiction could never, ever in a million years attempt to equal
Tame now by all known accords – homegrown, some may say, oh how you strapped yourself in and sought everything out

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