Hard-earned money blown on cheap girls ‘n’ booze
Cruise ships to beat the band
A hand in everyone’s life, instrumental in their demise
No disguising a horny fool
Sitting here with just one tool – flacid now, a pool of blood in the back garden
Shards of something that coulda been wonderful
Paltry at best, less than impressed, you’re holding a gun to your chest for a reason
You plundered oh so far, jarred the whole damn thing
Do we have to do this now, I’m so freakin’ drunk!!
But I do recall a time way back when
Trust me, you were far more than just able to sing
A sting in the fairytale, it all fell between your legs, dregs to dry right up
Is that a tear I see in your eye?
Or just wayward charm that cannot but breath
Find your fucking feet, treat us to something a little different
Sell this atrocious cocaine tent
Rent, whichever really
That naked body hiding out back, a forlorn story all of its own
Tell me this much, did she moan…?
You honestly wanna be remembered for being the dog who got the bone and threw it all away?
All I ask, you need to dig a little deeper, regain your day all over again
Call me when
Because this, my friend, is where I turn away
Blind-eyed, the authorities are coming fast and furious
But you can be rest assured, they will never get to prise the truth outta me