You sit here with your sparking Marlboro
Nothing light whatsoever about our flavour-filled conversation
I wonder, do you even see me stare in your every altogether discretionary direction
Correcting absolutely nothing, midst twiddling these devoted thumbs quite masterfully in fact
About to turn over a brand new leaf, been tracking your bohemian atop pixie-like everything, strumming these fair and typically besieged strings one soothing step at a constant time
Desperately destined to unearth your peculiar kind of rhyme
They say it’s a little otherworldly
Patience has its virtues and I am indeed a rather romantic fool
Rest-assure I will get to steal your smouldering gaze right here whilst stretched out upon our radiant albeit frustratingly still halcyon days
Even if you have yet to feel anything
This particular silver-tongued instrument has been silently, oh so softly kneeling – problematically hunched on over rather – and endlessly praying ’til I meet it right at the surrendering middle
Prepare to be all too besottedly, oh so beautifully pierced by this incredibly handsome underdog, the very same one who your mother whispered to you about way back when
There are five such ways this bombastic thing can play itself out
Trust me, each one of them carrying a certain forever flow or other
We’re about to turn all kinds of thunderous
Won’t you take my hand, lean in a little and play with me

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