Her Eva Longoria smile just drew me in
Yes, that is when I knew
To do all of these things that we dreamed about together
Quite possibly forever?
Here you and I stand utterly hoping – barely coping ’til parting these rather vicious seas of time
Agonising in a manner
You with your honey-soaked everything, I with my wits at ninety, catching myself all too oft in full-flight
Imaging the many things that I might just bring to the shore, pouring on into, so very much as all over
Glorious in one surefire and quickened word
Now, please try and press your pretty little manicured finger against your lip and say nothing at all
‘Til, finally, we get to strut our stuff fair supreme
Mouthwateringly so
Then, and only then, will we get to hold our hands up in the air, so very much as say that we did, in fact, cope

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