There is quite possibly very little better, than these particular minstrels of surefire hope – a thousand – and – one glory – filled, diced and sliced to within an inch of their pretty little life stories
If you’re that way inclined, of course
To permit the Over – enthused, over – excited mind an altogether Extravagant way in
Peculiar for sure, certainly the more imaginative you do appear to stand and Stare
Prepare it right before your very Mindful eyes – prise it on in with intricately concentrated Detail, snail – paced is fine, necessary even
When the Imagination absolutely accounts to amount, amounts to account, to the most Flagrant Collaboration known
The more you allow yourself to pour akin to crazy the more it promises to Uncharacteristically, shape – shiftingly allow itself to grow
Twist and turn to earn it
Grow ’til you get to sit and watch and escape to read
And to tell your kids that, This Is It, The Thing We All Told You About In The Beginning
When the page goes back to being All the rage
While he sits and sips
To deliver the most knowing wink to the whole archaic system – your bones bounce about their frame to his modernised manner,  instigated to disguise what’s notoriously old – hat

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