These times are trying their damnedest to help us soothe the pain
A slow-paced attitude never hurt anyone, can in fact interrupt the God awful wane, implement that all too necessary wax – create these much promised black and white clockwork tracks we’ve been searching for all along
Your face appears to be stronger than strong
We now see what we might just need to do, sit on down and chew the tempestuous fat ’til everything turns absolutely still
A pretty soliloquy pill to take us all of the way
Your palms are beautiful – horizontally placed
Number-crunching inside of our navy tuxedos, memorably getting to strut our carefree stuff, permitting our Roman numeral imaginations almost the whole lot
Take a whiskey shot and lift your jaded head, get to parade your liquid-filled conversation to all and sundry
The fun comes only in colour

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