He’s dreamt about all of these amazing things
Been humming and hawing to a fair point of sad excruciation
When he would need to absolutely step on up to the unabashed fore, just like he might have done a thousand-and-ten times before
Restore a faith seemingly long lost and completely forgotten by now
A crying shame, reliant upon remaining stronger than flaming strong
Crazed concentration placed rather intricately, utmost delicately aside constant replication something of an utter necessity
A Sour Whisky amongst friends, please
He should take the damn chance to finally grapple all of these behemoth demons however pestering they may just have turned out to be
And send them embarrassingly on their all too obvious and half-hearted way
Tee it in up oh wholesome one, take aim and prepare yourself all over again to spread these whizzing bullets of honest-to-goodness hope on through all and dogged sundry
‘Til one day at long, long last we suddenly get to clasp these tear-filled eyes on the real you – so you do know many of us have been waiting, utterly willing to trade in our own fair and downright earned delicacies to get to see yours magically soar all of the more
Play the game because without realising it you are in fact free

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