An unsettling picturesque portrayal, a portal of next to nowhere all of that special right about now – And so suddenly soon, all depressive doom and no room for peripheral improvement, he makes it all mysteriously happen by articulate way of nonchalant happenstance and for one first outlandish time caressed at being… nakedly, vivaciously r-e-a-l / One of a serenely set kind and they shall finally find themselves time again whilst dressed themselves on up whip-smart, prim and inordinately improper
Prepping themselves all over till coming at him in their Lou Boutin droves
Thinking, driving, drinking themselves into drug-fuelled distraction, time atop painstakingly addictive time again, whilst taking his unpardonable hand and causing it to unfathomably stand and dance
Like no-one’s been watching all that much anymore
From illustrative words to a world full of upper-class, ‘dungeon and dragon’-doused opium drugs
This has to, has to, has to have been where the first-class puppeteer victim with whirl-winding fear nestled problematically, thematically nearby his listening ear-piece caused to create second-to-none-other creation
The intricately specific steer of his oblong, juvenile eyesight for wanton destruction – One of a kindly kind indeed, he breathes so succinct and sweetly by the lie of the lacklustre law and that crying canvas cannot bare to accept and enthuse itself to have it any other way but for unequivocally detrimental procedure
Yet, they have come – At him, and in extracurricular accordance they shall keep on promising to promiscuously coming at him with a worldwide, sight-filled, estranged way of thinking, and all of this whilst they distantly wink at will over his cold, emboldened, seriously embittered, adolescently stressed shoulder
Alternative soldiers, per say… Skipping the daftly awry international draft of a lifetime – Strife-time rather, failing to adhere to Daddy dearest’s last thankless ‘task of many teenage sons’ – And one man miraculously managing to make these unmatched fashion-forward haystacks mysteriously mounted right by these meticulously suggestive molehills again
In Oran, being a faggot was seen to be a lot like being a criminal… And at Saint Louis, they beat him up to the core of his beautifully fragrant being, failing to restore something from absolutely nothing any more than any of the other plagiarised people with far-reaching failure to breathe
Poised at momentarily sophomore, beneficially insane, this one-of-a-kindly-kind, ingeniously misplaced fighting utensil stands remarkably still till left itself pressed affably against
One too many persnickety ballpoint pens which shall continue to persist at steadfastly interrupting and prepping themselves till maniacally, readily resolute again – aimlessly thrilled till otherworldly ink-instilled to be his favourite best spilling saviour / Taste to touch the barbarically correct flavour, pl-ease
Of an indelibly unspeakable thing pushed playfully amidst these supremely flurried, fun-filled bouts of undeniable heartache which will continue to travail and cause a whole snide-eyed, artistically reimbursed, thirst-arisen universe to quake ‘n’ shake till left themselves simply begging him for more of the exact prefabricated same
A painstaking shame that he had to die so very hard and in posthumously lucrative vain
That way, this way – and none other than a sellout shame, that our delirium-filled financial waxing’s became his inevitable homeward-bound waning of sacrilege sorts… Nowhere left to go no-more but for utter earth-ward bound escapism till left himself with not a single encapsulated sound of the screaming underground which will dutifully fail to sing it oh so sweetly anymore
Finally, rightfully, riotously perhaps, restored to his imperfectly picturesque landscape of abnormally silenced surrounds
And the beat of the right-way-down heaving underground will forever insist upon gainfully whispering it oh so very excellently sweetly, until… Nothing became something seriously settled again – Welcome, sweet dearest people, to the cut, the shape, the colour
Of one man’s whole reimbursed s-o-u-l / Like diluted water only shifting in aforementioned shape and piercingly prone to wholesale entertainment… again, a pretty Francophile penny for your uttermost troubled thoughts, pl-ease