Spirits Direct.

She’s into the upside-down iconic things which no-one else sees. She’s INDEED a sea of overbearing tears and readily prepared to

Sink inside of her very own bottle…

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If we went and laid ourselves inside of a violent fire then we might must maybe get to EVENTually understand. “All of her hands WraPpEd RiGhT RouNd-aBouT the pulsation…

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‘Rapscallions With RA!SED Hands’

When their moody-moods did the dissuading of their very own and she accidentally hit herself in the clear-EAGER face and felt… … … “swelteringly momentary, indeed.” She’s

Joining in…

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____ “Her Underwater Crawl”

What if she did it though? What if she dispatched derogatory and delved akin to credible catharsis? What’s the problem when the people at the back will’Ve understated their…

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‘The Draw of the WARD’

When she asked to paralyse her own ways against everyone else’s distinguished understandings Indeed, and she’s being

Bottleneck uninterruptible and bellyaching to feel – “moments of momentary ReaLness.” What…

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‘Battle Stations Be Damned’

They delay themselves on utterly NON-purpose actually, and they seem sent dEmEnTeD by WaY of UTTERLY UNDERSTANDING ALL OF THE HANDS – wrapped

Right roundabout her maleficent mind. She’s borderline…

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What if we earmarked the typically upstanding aNgLeS that No-one else knows of, “and what if we thought out-loud about the thoughts that took our
Bestialised breaths back?” We’ve even…

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