-Face Forward.

It’s this… that.. and any other thing actually of intricately adventurous anomaly and their minds are Ultimately.. actually fine and perfectly ImProPerly persuasive.

Nervously? Who knows anymore
It’s… The bones of…

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These walks through crowds of people can be rather vicious for an ocd sufferer. No explanation as to why is necessary just that, well, it can become hectic for…

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-Could This Be The Magic?

It’s just like that actually, it’s been steeped in the deepest of sincere-most sentiments and a million other MEANt to mean someTHING items of serious suggestion-

They’ve even been eyeswideshut…

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The Winthrop Masterpiece.

The respect they gain is something rather delicious and equally in its developmental infancy. They are actually going to get themselves justifiably arrested for this. For causing all sorts…

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-Setting Fire To The Past Tense Masterpieces.

They’ve done it all now and vacated the whole wide sense-of-scene again- having SEEN enough things SEEMINGLY—

To tighten TIGHTERtogether their voluptuoUS heartstrings(..) Yes. It IS a thing..

And we WILL…

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30-Seconds From Mars.

They’ve watched us all make lethargic and lopsided sense of something or another; we have been down upon our ragamuffin knees and BEGGING, please, to

Allow for the slightest of…

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– Even their guns are golden

They’re tempting fate by tempting the countdown of the damn dastard clock now: all Triggers Have Been Left To Do

Their dAmnDaMnEdEsT and it seems to feel Eerily as if


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The TwIsT oF a KiSSeD TaTtOO.

Their breathing breaths were bound to make sense of something so very good and gracious and definitely this applicable and highly-strung endeavour —-

Of ours, actually. There’s everything to gain…

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-Seeking. Can Her Memory REALLY Mean Everything?

These people don’t even seem to SEE WHAT IT MIGHT TAKE: to be individual DIVERIGHTIN(!) masterpieces— each of them an eye open individual, indeed, of hidden and maladjusted/justifiable(!?) insecurities….

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-thirteenth time is a charm.

There’s this LITTLE thing in it all and it’s probably quite possibly this tenaciously thankless underbelly ENDeavour of utter… upside-down thrust now. These painters and front-eyed sitters are acting…

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Open book

You’ve done everything and then some. You’ve been through something so very unique and utterly atrocious in a mental instance. It’s despicable and outrageous and a most perverted sort…

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-Joining In For The HARD Debate.

It is in fact an epilogue. A catched-AND-caughten phase of philosophical phrase, indeed. These in-coming presidents and their high-wired(and -minded) people of, ultimately, pedestrianised procedures? — What they have…

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It’s an art-form in itself, I suppose. This need to scribble it all of the way down and from start-to-finish. Only, for me, the start is poem piece no….

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The Gold Snowman.

It is a lovely old thing. This distinguishable thing of Dostoyevskian mesmerisation: just.. sarcastically implemented and actually NOT-IN-FACT meant to MEAN anything..

At all anyMORE(?!)
There’s the art part and the…

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– It’s A Commonplace Conundrum, People.

Magnanimously speaking she’s a start-apart mastered entitlement of diagnosed desires actually; a have-a-heart masterful experience of her very own ENDLESSLY SUGGESTIVE reckoning and steed. What WE did is precisely…

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