A Nail In The Grave. Called Creation.

They were developing something other than.. the whole snide truth actually, were even when(?) it all made mediocre andYETagain… tellingSense. Of themselves(none too much..)

Out of t-o-u-c-h, and definitely out/of/FrIghT…

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Stifled S*******.

Contemplating creating again and they cannot seem to .. shall all OF THEM have to—-)) borrow another PERSON’S buckwheat brain and calculation and all for “WHAT(???)”

But the grand-ol’-price of…

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Raising the rAreSt Of Stakes

Her levels of InnerInteraction and intellect need never have had applied for
Anything else anymore: she’s a spontaneous individual of sickeningly sufficient consequences, and if “we do wish..” to have…

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Turns out I cannot stop the waves for now, but I can certainly learn to sUrF(!!!) whichever wave comes my way 🏄‍♂️ 💓 🙌

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“Buried behind her kindness of eye .”

They were one-time inebriating themselves and for the singlehanded sake of

Breaking all of these seem-to-beBeautifully UprightRuLes(!?) “They were even maybe adding the Hahahahaha-factsTogether again and panHANDLING THE TRUTH someW-H-A-T(?!?!?)”


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Discovering Candy

They were and were not discovering candy for the simple sake of .. the best time in their limelight little lives; and if we have done anything which can…

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‘Lying M€$$iah$’

It isn’t that they didn’t and it wasn’t that they were NOT… WarBlIng On Regardless of their rarified necessity for being

These extracurricular people of minutiae detail((s)). And even though…

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