There’s a dance that tried to catchFIRE(.)

Those thoughts were meant to be these trippy little mother effing thingsandIF(!!) we ever again

Suppose to ask the handing-over AND HanDlIng of ten wideAWAKE(!!..) and Opening of questions then


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Their BottledUPemotions.

They were caught turning their tongue right roundABOUT… and thinking about screaming these other DAFTly deafening things(!) …

and there’s a searing noisy little silence which seems

to be searching for…

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They were the whole wide reckless requiem and all of their keen-eyed own intelligence -and watching them blow Sweet Smithereens of UNMISTAKABLY mIsSHaPenLy kisses at the other angered and…

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Selecting Themselves Again.

Where they were and weren’t and how they did it exactly was not all that important actually, although— chaotically speaking they aren’t all that egotistical anymore; however: and this…

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It is linked to a thing called thinker’s-awareness and it’s derogatory-and-all— and typically a NONE-too-typical thing, indeed. “Watching the walkers and talkers make mammoth and smilehappySenseOfThemselves, and ALMOST(!)every one…

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“Prepare the Stage, Please.”

Whichever way she turned her tremble-some tension-of-tired-torso, it still stood the rest of

The remainder of time/- calling-itself incredibly insane for the Pain+It+Did+Take. “Everybody has their own body and every…

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Determination SpeaksIn UpstandingVolumes.

They were selected because we needed to be: absolutely cumbersome and equally well previously prepared — there’s a DeviLishly, we will repeat it AGAIN, PREPREPARED and DeadEyedStateOfInappropriateStare (Swimming)inside of…

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Happiness Starts.

Indeed they’ve been dragging themselves through an ocean of FREEthinking equilibrium and it shall not pass the Point Of havingActed altogether akin

To the other person of suitably spontaneous surroundings….

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Walking with WankerFaced Angels

We do not seem to have anticipated the crafting of enough DAFTly delightful enthusiasms to ever get to make
A q-u-i-c-k and EaSy getaway, actually. Even when, to play the…

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Blossoming UnderFire.

When their oceans erode and they self-explode and when the other shoe seems to FIT and ratherWELL resemble…

something AltogetherFairTrEmBlEsOmE—- akin to walking through aMazeWhichHasNoRealWayHome per-se..

People— prone and ably+well+preprepared to…

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“If Our Younger Selves Saw Us Now!”

There’s this particular power in the none too necessary need to bring it all back together- fondly and… Forever(?!) Hardly, actually; although, aforesaid Necessities need not have had to…

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Of course you’re not aware of what you’re creating. How could you be? You may as well be… I dunno what you may as well be doing but for…

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