Creating Indisposable Dreams

They’d been talking about turning something into… ahem, nothing actually; of having had the time of their lives

And dancing like those repeat~offending Dostoyevskian masterpieces — Of downright weird-and-wonderful mayhem.


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Circus says “Yes!”

When they’d been stirring something which didn’t make any sense to them, that’s precisely both PRECAUTIOUSLYwhen…

We all started to BeGiN= at believing again: in the truth behind the lies…

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Words on Bathroom Walls

They’d been even filtering -evenly- something so damn dastardly and beautiful –

filling their egotistical minds at the brim. Still thrilling themselves to the bones of their..

Ambivalent beings. When the…

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30seconds to Talk

They really thought about turning their tantalised tongues into wide asleep, actually, masterpieces. They did it with their memories intact, their utter self respect—

Tracking its way back… “we were……

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Tarmac Tantrums: Wedged At The Seams

If they really rarely understood their best nature of aptitude then why weren’t we included in it all – this tantalised, titillating swan song

Put UPon: elaborate repeat:: it’s these…

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You’ve probably watched most things, probably very nearly done the impossible with regards the OCD. It truly is what it is and your sole job for the time being,…

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– hindsight HilariTy

If they had been talking.. about taking their sweet new seating of time then, why not(?) bow down

About as breathtaking and beautifully as anyone else can begin(BEG!!) to imagine…

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True_to_form phenomenal People.

They’d been designing another way to truly tell the softening of doddering difference between: what it meant to mean something to someone so very soon— and we were

Causing an…

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beyondBeautiful .

They take time. To unwind— was it all such a sarcastically awry little thing. But probably. As venture would have itBeneficially speaking we seem to

“Toddle about the place at…

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My amazing family of heroes

You’d hope to eventually look back over all the scribbles and see that what you’ve done is… I dunno how anyone should feel, really, about that much of a…

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