The Trouble With Paradise.

We were ending our isolations one peppering of prestige per time / it’s courageous and courteous for us to’ve —->> entitled ourselves to another Round Of Riotous devaluation… even…

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Mission to Oceania

If they accepted it all then they expected a SUDDEN uptake in the GENeral Scheme of things. They even seem…

Rather relaxed and RedUndAnt these dAzE. It’s probable that we…

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They of Complimentary conundrums

She attempted at a dream for the sake of a sequence which sold ifSelf immeasurablY(?!) short actually. They were entitled to talk in

Colloquial terms just so very long as…

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“We of Reversed Chemical Mechanisms.”

They stole something else, something… strangely inebriating and certainly delightful indeed. It’s… common to’ve spurned these level headed opportunities while the rest

Rectangled their circular heads / that abstract level…

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Ironclad intimacY(?)

They were unearthing mannerisms which no one can seem to see. They were certain of themselves when they needed to have someone else – as the

Morose juxtapositions take steady-faced(?)…

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What gives?

All I wanted to do was to live okay with the damn OCD, but no-one, maybe even least of all me sees just how… mentally ill I actually am….

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Editors, Baby!

There was always this wish to be able to wake up, have a shower, put on my chosen clothes and to tie my shoelaces nice and tight and neatly…..

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‘The Deafening Delicates’

If they were doing anything then they were balancing cups of caffeine ATOp of their swelled fingerCELLS, they’ve been

Dragging the sea of themselves beautifully true… from her to you,…

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Pockmarked Plagiarists

If they were anything SteadyFaced Then they were destined for Goodness actually, that thing which can call its own state of shock.

Anticipated turmoil will no less BOIL(at the seams)WHEN…

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