Went for a coffee with Ruaidhri. Absolutely love that guy – an amazing friend that really meets you in the middle. Intellectual guy, a thinker, and a supremely talented fella. Love that our chats are so open ended. He’s off to France/Paris during the week to meet Shane who’s over on artist’s residency retreat 🤩 They’ll have an absolute blast. No doubt. So, yeah, had a coffee(decaf), chats with Ruaidhri, and chats with Dave McLaughlin too in GH – another supremely good guy 😃 Feeling good. And if there are moments (spikes) then so-be-it. Give myself all the time in the world to let my brain and mind calm ❤️ Back home now, sausages and brown scone 🤤 With a Netflix series on the telly 📺 Went for a good and healthy run in the town park just there. Great run. Love the runs… the athletic kind 😆 💩 🤢 Yeah, OCD is tricky, but I have to learn a way to actually be appreciative for having it, even. That’s just the way it needs to be as far as I can tell, because it’s an imbalance that won’t seem to simmer down enough, ever, to just move on with my life minus that interruption.