You really truly have done the utterly unthinkable with the ocd. You’ve overcome something so many times it really is… 🤩 no other words, really. Coman and the girls over for the big match today 😃 Went to Alan‘s and Zoe’s Friday night for ‘The King‘ movie – great fun and a really lovely and kind family. Interesting and interested people for sure. Had a few small cans of beer there, too. Saturday, I went to the market for a coffee and also… went to Copper Grove for a huge lunch and dessert complimentary of Coman for my looking after Ciara all day Thursday and Friday. Gonna either go up to the city tomorrow or Tuesday as meeting Ross. Her new house is warm, thank Chriiiiist!! 😊 Running a good bit more too, and soccer of course with Matthias and the rest of the lads. A great bunch, actually.”