I am truly worried that it will never feel normal. This whole ocd thing. I just get so tired and pained by it all, and no one sees what I have to do exactly to try and stay on the straight and narrow. Of course it affects my mood, how couldn’t it?! I mean, you can’t be ‘ON’ all of the time, it’s just not mentally possible. I feel for the other ocd sufferers because I know precisely what happens to them and their mind. I do very much wish I could help them all to silence those intrusive thoughts. I’m tired but I’m also in-love and happy and excited and trying my very best as ever with the ocd. It is rather hard, of course, to halt the whole thing. I just want to feel free of it, free of the ruminations. That’s it 😊 And also, I don’t want to be a burden on anyone anymore. Truth