The truth is this. I’d happily work any job and spend my off-time running and playing soccer to stay fit and healthy. Otherwise? Well, I’d continue to do as I’ve always done. Look after my nearest and dearest as best that I can. I’d like to go on holiday with my girlfriend, to wherever we might wish, and from time to time. I always just wanted to make her the happiest girl out there these past nearly two years. As it is, I actually think I do a fairly decent job in letting her know just how much I care about her. Because I do. So very much. About her happiness and her comfort with things in her own life in general. These mean the world to me. Of course they do. I want to smile and laugh and be generally content. To be honest though, I think about more than the above for me. Maybe a lot more too. Basically, I want to utilise my mind, my creativity, to the fullest extent it does deserve. I want to… be calm and relaxed. I’ll take that latter part first and foremost. The rest? Then it can take care of itself however it sees fit. However I see fit. That’s the thing. I want to BE fit in the first place. Mentally speaking, that is. That is all that I ever wanted and needed. Unfortunately, it is all that my life has been about achieving up til this stage. Control of my disorder. I don’t care if that sounds sad. Because, guess what? I am the opposite of sad. The opposite of all that this disorder does to my brain and, in turn, my mind. I’ve done everything to finally feel like myself.