Maybe it’s asking for a lot to expect to truly ‘recover’ from OCD. However, it’s not impossible but it’s also… oftentimes impossibly hard for the sufferer, and more so to know deep, deep down that it’s only ever lending itself to an imbalance of the brain. So when the fright level is way up everywhere really, and while you’ll just be continuing on with your day as, ahem, normal, and you kinda, kiiiiinda, know not to enthuse the aforesaid imbalance, it will literally feel like you are ignoring EVERYTHING your brain is begging you to do. Why is that? Well, put plainly, it’s because that is precisely what you are in fact doing. So, how much of an OCD brain is imbalanced, for that matter? A helluva lot, or perhaps just a helluva lot in all of the most important places. So, really you’re going into your day blind in the mind, let’s say, as in you don’t have the parts connecting and communicating properly in the brain where I assume it would usually be fairly reasonable understanding for a person to think and believe that everything will turn out reasonably ok for them. That’s… not there. Not til, I suppose, the sufferer of OCD can actually manage to really recover and to a shockingly serious extent. This is twofold. Because a) to everyone else it will only ever be anticipated as a normal thing, so they’ll just think: he seems in good form and handling whatever the hell that disorder is in the first place fairly damn well. Go, Brian. And b) it isn’t in fact normal AT ALL for a sufferer to manage at living extremely well with this disorder. In fact, in many, many ways… it’s arguably surely one of the most radically impressive mental feats for a sufferer to live well with it, let alone to live extremely well with it. That’s what we are singlehandedly challenged with, and of course we don’t really have any other choice than to say, “BRING IT!!” 😃