I won’t do it anymore. Compare it to anything else, not for now anyhow. It’s too… literally mind-bending and the rest. It’s been too long in the tooth for me, too. I dunno how Ross feels about the whole thing. I mean, I am trying to be myself of late, but that has meant feeling no real emotions really. I guess your mind is just too startled and fear-filled to even begin to let your personality take shape. A joke of an ugly as hell mental illness is what it is, and I have to, HAVE TO keep on going as well as I can. That’s the only option. I’m good. I’m more than good. Even if I do often get to forget such a thing about myself, what I am doing is trying to live with a chronic case of OCD and one which I’ve been living with since the age of eleven. I just wish so very much that so as to get to a place of relative balance and understanding you didn’t have to go so very much against EVERYTHING YOUR IMBALANCED MIND IS TELLING YOU 😊